The African Holocaust has lasted for over 500 years totaling up too 800 million death’s up till now and increasing compared to the Jewish Holocaust which lasted about 12 years totaling only a few million death’s. African’s, men and woman have been tortured, raped, murdered and killed in the worst humanely way’s possible. What’s done to them and continue to be done to them is the worst tragedy throughout history.
How can people who have built the greatest civilization, be reduce to such rubbish in a matter off millenniums. The African people’s pain will be there greatest strength to rise back up again in the future and claim there God given right to live as they shall on this planet.

Europeans or white people have glorified themselves over the horrors the horrors that they have created for black people. They live off the wealth and systems that there grand parent’s and great grand parent’s have left of them to prolong there savagery.
  It’s vital that the black man understand the conditions that people have created for them and that he continues to create for himself