Some Woman Could Learn From Her. She Tells It Like It Is

African spirituality, something most black Americans don’t have

One of the greatest effects that slavery & Colonization had on the black population during its time (That doesn’t often get discussed) was the hyper sexualization of the black woman.

Black woman were stripped of her humanity, put on fliers and post cards for sexual advertisements. She was deemed to be humanize by white people.

Her body was use as a tool and commodity for the entertainment and pleasure of white people.

She was manipulated, forcefully and indoctrinated to become a sex slave.

Showing her body, degrading herself and being treated less than a human being, she went through it all.

Black woman, please know your worth and always respect yourself. Because you are the bringer of life and if your whole being is contaminated or corrupted, so will the life your nourish will be

That’s more like it.

Maiherpri Mummy

Maiherpri was buried in a Royal Tomb in the Valley of the Kings, the royal necropolis. The mummy was unwrapped in March 1901, revealing a very dark skin with woolly hair. In Maiherperi’s tomb, a papyrus was found depicting him with literally “blackish” skin. The papyrus in question was the Book of the Dead.  

Know Thyself

As is Above, - So is Below - (Thought, Consciousness)  

As is Above, - So is Below - (Thought, Consciousness)  

Evidence shows that the first statues of Buddha was that of a black skinned, woolly haired man with clearly African features.